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NatyaKovideVidhushi Yamuna Srinidhi is a young danseuse, choreographer, teacher of Bharatanatyam and a fine actor.

As a dancer Yamuna has maintained the pristine purity of traditional style with dignity and nobility of expression. She is known the world over for her versatility in her creative artistry, vivacious gestures and mega productions. Her depiction of various mythological sequences and modern day socio-economic issues portrays her creative presentation and interpretation has a mystical subtleness filled with absolute devotion which further enhances the purity of Bharatanatyam.

She established her first dance school "Nrityasiri Center for Performing Arts" in 2000, Houston, USA and has trained over thousands of students, produced over hundreds of shows across the length and breadth of USA and India, conducted workshops on a global scale andproduced many charitable events.

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