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Her phenomenal contributions to the field of art and culture in the US, her display of leadership abilities in several Indo-American organizations and for her role as a cultural ambassador has earned her the prestigious honor from the Mayor of Sugarland, USA and back home the Prestigious Kannada SahityaParishat Award from the Government of Karnataka.

Yamuna has made India her home since 2012, however this does not stop this creative and vivacious dancer from continuing to teach her students in the US dance through the use of SKYPE. She has successfully conducted many events and workshops in the US right from the comfort of her home in India.

Not the one to rest on her laurels, Yamuna has taken up a challenging yet Nobel cause of voluntarily reaching out and teaching dance and other art forms to the rural & tribal children of India. She strongly believes that "Art should not be the privilege of the few who can afford it". She expresses that it gives her immense pleasure & satisfaction doing this outreach program. She also plays an active part in Bevu Foundation which focuses on Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Nutrition, Equal access to education, supplemental farmers income in rural India.

Yamuna who is known for her Abhinaya naturally attracted the eyes of serial producers in India and has been offered a major role in Etv serial titled "ÄshwiniNakshatra", which airs daily. She enjoys her acting gig during her available time.

Yamuna attributes her achievements and success to her respected gurus.


Guru Padmabhushana Dr. K. Venkatalaxmamma - Mysore Style of Bhatanatyam

Guru Karnataka Kala Thilaka Natyacharya Sri Muralidhara Rao - Pandanallur style of Bhatanatyam

Guru Karnataka Kala Thilaka Natyaratna Smt. Nadini Eswer - Tanjore style of Bhatanatyam

Guru Smt. Noopur Chaterjee - Odissi dance

Latest News

ETV 2013
Yamuna has been chosen to act in a major role for E-TV’s Äshwini Nakshatra” a Kannada soap

ETV 2013
Yamuna has been chosen to act in a major role for E-TV’s Äshwini Nakshatra” a Kannada soap

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